Why the Art of Natural Beauty Products

Growing up on a small cattle ranch, Peggy learned an appreciation for living naturally. This includes such things as as naturally raised beef, garden vegetables, raw milk that we milked from our cows, and tons of exercise in chasing cattle on the backs of our horses, haying, bucking bales by hand, etc.

More recently we have learned to love Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils as a doTerra Wellness Advocate. These are wonderful products which have and continue to be of great value to us. So how can we use this knowledge and experience, along with the milk from our little goat friends? We came up with a plan. Why not combine goat milk and essential oils to create great products for the skin, hair etc.?

Our intended products

    • Body Butters
    • Lotion Bars
    • Soft and bar soap
    • Lip Balm
    • Hair Care
    • And even products for the goats

      Will All our Products be Goat Milk Bases?

      We plan to  learn to create both goat milk and non-goat milk products 

       Ok, But Who We Are

      We are Northern Dawn;  is a small dairy goat farm.  We raise and love our  Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian dairy goat team mates.  These aren't just ordinary goats.  We have specific criteria which we are building into our herd.
      • Feed as naturally as possible and given no Genetically Modified foods
      • Ease in giving birth to their babies
      • Correct body and udder conformation, so these little goats will have a long useful happy life
      • Correct strong udder attachments
      • Long easy to hand milk milk teats, so you don't have to struggle to get the milk in your bowl
      • Last but not least, its not all work and no play!  Meet Captain Birdee who, along with her little partner, won Grand Champion costume as Tinkerbelle.

      Baby on top of Barn
      First cell
      How do I get down?

      (We are looking for the photo)

      Do We Use the Milk from our Dairy Herd?

      Without a doubt we use our milk.  We love this nice rich creamy sweet tasting milk for drinking, making Quark cheese, yogurt.  Its the best. Because of the type of milk from these breeds of goats, people tell us it tastes like cow's milk.  It sure does.  Now we want to delve into making natural care products for human and animal usage.  This is going to be a fun adventure.  Share in our fun.

      Our dear friends who have former goats of ours make the most wonderful  soft white cheese that s wonderful for cooking with, on crackers or however you want to use it.  They also make goat soap that is amazing. We just tried some of this soap for the first time today.  It makes the skin feel so very soft.  Our friends even gave us our first lesson on making goat milk soap, complete with oatmeal.  Its amazing.  Much thanks to the inspiration of our great friends.

      Another of our friends uses milk on a regular for her rescue dogs and cats, who are her very dear friends.  They love the milk!

       Meet a few of our goat herd friends

      These are just a few of our very special little friends in the Northern Dawn herd, who will contribute many of our products.

      Meet Bluestone HD Lil' Lucy, one of the backbone of our little herd of Nigerian Dwarf

      This is Northern Dawn Captain Birdee.  Captain is quite the clown. When she was just a babe, she and her little handler won Grand Champion as Tinkerelle, strutting around the ring proudly

      Columbine is one of Lucy's daughters.  Love love milking this little gal.  Totally soft udder with long easy to milk teats.  Just a joy to be around

      Rocking Goat Tasha AR*D is one our Mini Nubian girls.  She produces around 3/4 gallon fresh milk per day and is a joy to be around. 

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